About Us

Koinonia Community is a lay Christian organization promoting integral human development and community life. It strives to counteract the economic and social evils bred by individualism and to foster a culture of peace and solidarity. It gives preference to the 'little ones' in difficult circumstances, and the marginalized and the oppressed. Through its human development programmes, Koinonia embraces people of all backgrounds, finding in their diversity uniques aspects of humanity. It serves African children and youth in Kenya, Zambia and the Nuba Mountains area in Sudan.

Koinonia Zambia was established in the year 1980, Koinonia Kenya was established in the year 1990 and in 1995 Koinonia was established in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan.


Values that Guide Koinonia Commmunity

  1. Living by the Christian and African Values to the people and socity
  2. Desire to give and offer everyone equal chance in life
  3. Diversity
  4. To offer Christian and African values to the people and society
  5. To give a chance to the marginalized little ones
  6. Empowerment of the people we live and work with
  7. Service towards social justice and peace
  8. Our services are a call of God. As we serve we are establishing the kingdom of God
  9. Community life and belongingness
  10. We live as one family
  11. Unity
  12. Sharing the resources we have equitably
  13. Caring - to have concern for one another
  14. Working for the oppressed and marginalized in the community
  15. Brotherhood / Sisterhood
  16. Fellowship / Communion
  17. Nurturing a sense of brotherhood among members and those we work with
  18. Openness


To defend, promote and guarantee the respect of the rights of the most marginalized groups of the society and foster the emergence of a fraternal life-style, supporting community building through projects and activities that bring people together


Which Way Forward?

Koinonia Community is determined to ensure that all the established initiatives become self-sustaining. This involves strengthening of our training activities and social entrepreneurial capacities, with the support and expertise of our network of freiends.

Our Network

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