Celebrating Madaraka Day in Kenya

1 St May on the Kenyan calendar is Madaraka Day, a day Kenya attained self rule and is among the National holidays. This year’s celebration were held in Nyeri County and were lead by President Uhuru Kenyatta.
The children at Kivuli center had their own celebrations in which they got to eat and play together. In their own way they had a reason to celebrate their liberation from life in the streets. Every single day for them is always a step in the right direction as they slowly transition to a better life. Children at the center come from different backgrounds and worse they have been exposed to the harsh life in the streets. Due to these facts often times they may end up having disagreements among themselves which need to be ironed out before they balloon out of proportion, thus the need for counseling sessions. The best way to have an effective session is through group activities as one is able to create a rapport through play as they are able to open up freely.
Having various group activities helps the boys at the center relax and iron out any issues that may be bothering them. On this day Ezekiel Ngobia, a counselor was present to offer counsel to boys through play. He got to engage the boys through a football match.
Football is every man’s sport to watch and even more interesting to play it. It also contains various rules that have to followed failure to which one may be penalized or worse their team. As a result it requires an individual to be highly disciplined. Discipline was the key message during the counseling session and if one is well disciplined enough to adhere to rules of a football game they are sure to translate the same discipline in life.
At the end of the game the counselor is able to note various issues among the boys and can be able to come up with effective ways to talk to the boys at an individual level. This is important as the boys are given an alternative way on how to deal with various problems other than running away. Counseling is not a one off thing but one that will continue over time until every boy becomes fully disciplined and able to make correct decisions.

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