Economic Sustainability

Koinonia Community promotes all kinds of small business for people to become self supporting.

Watoto wa Simba are small farms growing vegetable and keeping chickens in the premises of some of our homes. They promote best farming practices for the socio-economic empowerment of the youth and the community members through agri-business model. In Kivuli Centre, Koinonia supports a Biodiesel project, a small enterprise producing bio-diesel from used cooking oil, and the Kivuli Fair Trade, a group of wood carvers and producers of traditional crafts. Technology and innovation are supported through Shalom IT Services (SIS), which providesIT consultancy and services.

Shalom House is the most important Koinonia enterprise and it operates in the hospitality and catering fields. It provides accommodation for up to 70 guest, restaurants, external catering and regularly hosts workshops and conferences. This is in addition to the premises hosting offices for various organizations and business entities.

Kivuli Fair Trade

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