Empowering Kangemi Residents on Children Rights


Are you aware of the rights that your child ought to enjoy? Well, most people don’t, and even those who have a clue may be tempted from time to time to overlook these rights. Kangemi is an informal settlement in Nairobi County, with approximately 100,000 residents. It is classified as a low- income settlement, with a large percentage of the residents living in abject poverty. With high poverty levels residents of such places end up being secluded from the rest of the society which results in violation of rights especially children rights.  Thus the need to create awareness on children rights in such places.

 Koinonia Community in partnership with the MAECI project has been at the fore front championing children rights in different parts of Nairobi through street theatre this time round in Kangemi. Knowledge and empowerment are the key factors that can enable people in informal settlements be able to break out of poverty and ignorance.

The key message during such activities is to teach the residents about basic children rights such as shelter, food, education and health. When residents acquire this information they are able to protect their children thus nurturing an empowered generation.

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