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Support Reintegration process of youngsters ready to return to their families 

Tone la Maji centre’s Children Rehabilitation Programme,  aims to rehabilitate and educate children in difficult circumstances, with the ultimate goal of reintegrating them back into their families of origin.

At any given time Tone la Maji cares for about 30 children, who are assisted by a staff that offers them attention, care and love, and provides them with all their material needs, while they attend nearby public schools.

Care-leavers face challenges resulting from institutional disengagement as they start the path of becoming self-sufficient and independent adults. They have to deal with major changes in their lives such as leaving care, setting up a home, and earning some income. Realistically though, these steps  include the challenge of being unemployed and struggling for personal self-affirmation. This calls for a need to develop specific programmes that promote access to psychological guidance and economic support including assistance to start a small personal business.

A loan of 300 Euros is the average support we give to a young man or woman on the way to an independent life. Your assistance - individually or as a group, class, club, association - makes a change!  And if you wish you can get in touch with your beneficiary.   

Desired Amount: 
5 000.00
Collected So Far: 

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