Stakeholders' Breakfast Meeting


The stake holders breakfast meeting is one of the many activities held by Koinonia Community as it gears up the main event of the Gala Dinner scheduled for November. “Kidole kimoja hakivunji chawa”, loosely translated as the need for unity so as to succeed were the words of Alfred Ekakoro Koinonia Community Chairperson, during the Koinonia Community Stakeholders’ breakfast meeting at Shalom House.

The meeting had been organized so as to bring together different organizations working in Nairobi, Kenya, to share a common platform where they get to connect and see ways in which they are able to work with different partners to create a conducive environment for all.

Koinonia Community has an annual campaign dubbed “Take me to school” aimed at raising funds to enable vulnerable children access basic education as it continues with its mandate of the 3R’s- rescue, rehabilitate and reintegration of vulnerable children. During the stakeholders meeting Koinonia took the opportunity to share its works through various presentations and also through encouraging the audience to ask various questions as well as raising their desired input in supporting Koinonia Community.

More than 30 stakeholders were represented during the event and got to share on their areas of specialty and how they would wish to come on board to partner with Koinonia Community.

Annually Koinonia Community supports more than 300 children directly and about 100 families. The work is rewarding especially when one gets to listen to the many success stories but at times it can be overwhelming thus the need to collaborate with different partners in achieving their mandate.

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