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Support the School of Organic Agriculture

Koinonia Community has started building a School of Organic Agriculture on its premises in Tubalange area, in the outskirts of Lusaka, Zambia, and Mthunzi Centre, a rehabilitation home for former street children.

The project has multiple purposes:

a) Use the involvement of children in the agricultural activities as part of their education, so that they recover balance with nature. The children will at the same time learn and become passionate for activities that they could easily practice as adults, without needing large plots of land and significant investments, activities that can always generate an income to supplement another work.

b) The school will work with the local Ministry of Agriculture, to not only offer annual courses but also one week short courses for small scale farmers in the area, at the appropriate times of the year: growing vegetables, mushrooms, raising chickens and rabbits, bee-keeping , and the spread of crops  particularly useful as the "moringa" (great food with high nutritional value).

c) Make "Mthunzi" gradually self-sufficient with domestic production of the bulk of the food consumed by the children and sell any surplus.

The project shall be managed through engaging staff and children, further extending the possibilities for rehabilitation; providing the children with the knowledge, skills and the right attitude in  agricultural work. The commitment of the children will help them grow as responsible adults capable of considering manual labour and agriculture as a dignified and uplifting.


The school will teach mainly but not exclusively organic farming principles for the conservation and improvement of the land, and will especially develop, improve and popularize the use of local traditional vegetables.

Students who complete the course will be assigned a plot of land belonging to Koinonia as a symbolic charge, to be used for agricultural production for a period not exceeding two years. Thereafter they will have to find another place to continue their farming. Students will also be offered the opportunity to complete their human formation with optional courses.


The building comprises of a kitchen, dining room, four bedrooms to accommodate a total of 16 students, two classrooms and all other facilities, for a total of 500 square meters, at total cost of about 50,000 dollars or euros.

Contribution requested: 9 dollars or euros per square foot

                                       100 dollars or euros per square meter

The construction is already under way (see pictures) with the participation of former Mthunzi beneficiaries and the contribution of Grimm and Cuore Amico, from Brescia (Italy), who with their funds and work have covered half of the total building cost.  



Desired Amount: 
50 000.00
Collected So Far: 
25 000.00

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